frikk yeah heck man hella radical

Anonymous said: what sex wouldnt u do?

i would not have anal done to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, but idk probs not bondage ya feel? thats to demeaning to the ladies unless SHE wants that then idk NEXT QUESTION


I’m so jealous of people who look good even on passport photos

I’m so jealous of people who look good on the dancefloor

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Hey girl, do you like Wes Anderson? Because your making the Moon rise in my kingdom.

Anonymous said: Would you have shower sex?

yes, i would also just take any sex but shower sex sounds sexy like sex is 

I was texting my friend and was like “Hey i think ur cute” but i seNT IT TO MY MOM

Wow @FinePickUpLine, these are really getting lazy

Wow @FinePickUpLine, these are really getting lazy

Anonymous said: who is gios tumblr crush?

Maybe someone who sent him n00dz?

giolikestowatchnetflix said: Why do you guys keep calling me a nerd?

because your just a pretentious fucking nerd, franco #thisIsTheEnd

Anonymous said: Are you a sex god?

im a dog god, woof woof followers

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Travis Barker on Parenting

ho ho moffugga

ho ho moffugga

pussy and weed

pussy and weed